Miel de Saint-Sacrement - Le Miel Sauvage

Miel de Saint-Sacrement

localisation : 14° 48' N | 61° 10' W

Saint-Sacrement honey is harvested in a unique place on earth: the majestic hillside of Martinique’s volcano called the Mount Pelée. The flower from which it is made survived miraculously to the great eruption of 1902. This exceptionally rare amber honey will seduce you with its tropical aromas of mango, passion fruit, and guava.

220G | Récolté à la Martinique 

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flowers: Laurier de Saint-Antoine (Epilobe) ; Châtaignier

environment: Terre volcanique meuble très fertile constituée de ponces et de cendres,1390 m d'altitude, 256 mm de précipitations annuelles et température moyenne de 22°C.

Saint Pierre, Martinique – 8th May, 1902. The town sits at the foot of Mount Pelée, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The town is home to an important trading dock and its electoral campaign is at its peak, disturbed by an emerging threat.

On this particular morning, dark clouds have formed at the peak of Mount Pelée and a political convict named Auguste Cyparis stares, through the narrow slit of his cell, at the strange scene being played out upon the docks. A riot of people, attempting to escape the town, is held at gunpoint by an army division. Suddenly, the wind ceases, the sky darkens and the wildlife of the area falls silent. Fear spreads on the docks. A sudden earthquake throws a soldier into the troubled waters and panic strikes. Locked in his cell, Cyparis looks up to the formerly peaceful mountain that he has known for the duration of his life and sees that after centuries of sleep, the volcano has woken once more.

A fire column scorches the sky and rocks rain down on the town. Houses comes crashing down, a fire spreads through the streets of Saint Pierre and people rush to find shelter in fishing boats and cruise ships whilst others choose to dive into the muddy depths of the docks’ waters...

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