Miel des Mangroves - Le Miel Sauvage

Miel des Mangroves

localisation : 14° 48' N | 61° 10' W

Made from the nectar of mangrove trees, this sweet and salty honey bonds the earth to the ocean. It is part of the first harvest since the destruction of the Mangrove by the hurricane Dean, 10 years ago. This honey is the chef’s choice, as its sweet and salty taste contains both the richness of mangrove’s unique blooms, and the ocean’s touch.   

175G | Récolté à la Martinique 

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flowers: Palétuvier (principalement rouge, blanc et noir)

In the year 2007, the hurricane Dean stroke on Martinique. Violent winds, torrential rains and landslips destroyed the Mangrove and its fragile ecosystem. The mangrove is a wooden riff, a bulwark against the ocean’s wrath, a cradle that shelters the breeding of so many species. Nowadays, it suffers and declines.

The mangrove trees stood up slowly and attracted, within their protective roots, the sea birds and baby sharks ; coconut trees and wild pineapple recovered their flowers ; many fishes, crabs, reptiles, came back to give birth in the nurturing environment. Bees came back in the air. For 10 years, there weren’t a trace of honey in the Mangrove.

Ronald is a swarm catcher. He seeks for the bees that make the first mangrove honey since ten years. On the dock of Pointe-Chaudière, he jumps onto a blue sailing ship where old hives are piled up. The warm smell of smoke and sugar tangles with the salty ocean breeze. A few bees will stay on board for the journey.

After a long coastal navigation, the Mangrove is finally reached. Ronald trims his way through leaves and creepers, and berths on a grey sand beach. On the ground, on the long roots of Mangrove trees, on every...

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